Monriki Island, Fiji
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Sailing Charters

High Aspect outbound

There are great sailing opportunities in the calm waters of NW Fiji Islands as much of the water is protected by a surrounding reef and the main islands.

Close Hauled at 8 knots

High Aspects sailing potential is born of a combination of classic underwater lines blended to the carvel topsides and a clipper bow. Both attributes promote a dry ship underway with a comfortable motion. With ample deck space it is easy to walk around the yacht even when under sail.

Deck Space

Rigged in the USA as a ketch with Inmast-Furling main and mizzen plus a furling 130% genoa and uses Navtec’s rod rigging and Lewmar hardware. She carries 2,500 sq ft of sail giving 6 to 8 knots cruising and will on a sporty day reach double figures.

When sailing the centre board may be lowered progressively to aid pointing and to help balance and trim out the helm depending on the sail plan. Fully retracted the yacht draws just 1.7 m or about 5 ½ feet which provides good access to some of the shallower bays.

But it is not just the sailing, fishing enroute for some table fare is always worthwhile and spotting wildlife along the way with spinner dolphins doing their amazing aerial stunts or often riding the bow-wave, it is a great opportunity to see some untouched nature.

Sailing your own yacht in the world’s best locations is an experience like no other. A different bay and a new view every day, each more perfect than the last.

Julie & Andy, Stocksbridge

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